StartIT: Development of Soft and Future Skills using Digital Entrepreneurship

Start IT brings together students from six member countries to work on mobile apps in diverse, international, interdisciplinary teams to acquire soft skills, future skills, entrepreneurial skills, and IT-skills.
The main horizontal goal of this project is “Digital Transformation”. The mobile apps that the students develop will focus on the secondary goal topic of “Climate Change”. The sector priority that this project focuses on is “Innovative Learning and Teaching“.
The project contributes to the following program priorities:
• Stimulating innovative learning and teaching (interdisciplinary soft and future building),
• Developing STEM in higher education, in particular women participation in STEM (app development in gender balanced teams),
• Building inclusive higher education systems (positive discrimination for disadvantaged students),
• Supporting digital capabilities of higher education (development of digital skills of participants)

In today’s global economy, future and soft and future are increasingly important. Higher Education Institutions (HEI) need to invest in providing their students with the skills that are highly sought-after in the labour market.

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